CWMALLS World’s Fashion Trends Sharing And Review Series — The Best Men’s Fragrances To Scent Your Summer

Men are creatures of habit, something that can easily extend to your choice of summer fragrance. But as with all things in life, sometimes it pays to shake it up a bit. After all, scents, like clothes, fall in and out of fashion. So to keep you in the nose, we’ve rounded up this season’s freshest new releases ahead of the sunshine.

1. Acqua di Parma

best mens summer fragrances

Another day at your desk might feel a long way from a day in Capri. But you can at least smell like the Amalfi elite with Acqua di Parma’s Cipresso di Toscana: an expert blend of sage and lavendin heightened by notes of orange. Bellissimo.

Cipresso di Toscana, £112,

2. Aesop

best mens summer fragrances
Liberty London

Aesop’s Tacit is everything you’d expect: a clean, sharp smell from one of the cleanest and sharpest grooming brands around. What separates this whiff from the chaff however is a refreshing mix of spice and citrus, perfect for warmer days.

Tacit Eau de Parfum, £77,

3. Jo Malone

best mens summer fragrances
Jo Malone

Jo Malone has long been in the business of good smells. But it’s relatively new to the world of men’s fragrances. This myrrh and tonka cologne, a punchy mix of woody base notes and refreshing summer-appropriate scents, is a great start.

Myrrh And Tonka Cologne Intense, £115,

4. Issey Miyake

best mens summer fragrances
John Lewis

If you weren’t privy to Issey Miyake’s peculiar tastes, you are now. Which is a good thing. This left-field mix of mandarin, coriander and sage is a refreshing take on summer fragrances, and one that bucks the trend of overtly woody (and masculine) scents.

L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Eau de Toilette, £35,

5. Tom Ford

best mens summer fragrances

Tom Ford is as Tom Ford does. This is a scent in line with the American designer’s tireless pursuit of perfection: lemon, lavender and orange flower. To put it another way: just what impeccable tailoring smells like.

Neroli Portofino, £82,

6. Armani

best mens summer fragrances
The Perfume Shop

As a fragrance that’s trigged re-release upon re-release, Armani’s Acqua di Gio Absolu has stood the test of time, thanks to a masculine cocktail of woody and aqua notes that’ll last all summer (and the one after that).

Acqua di Gio Absolu, £57,

7. Dunhill

best mens summer fragrances

Done right (and applied sparingly), heavier fragrances can be a joy. Take Dunhill’s London Icon Absolute – a multilayered mix of black rose and Egyptian jasmine – as proof.

London Icon Absolute, £99,

8. Louis Vuitton

best mens summer fragrances
Louis Vuitton

Brewed by master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, Louis Vuitton’s Ombre Nomade redefines traditional oud (the scent of the most expensive wood in the world, don’t you know). This one is distinctively masculine, but packs a fruity, floral twist with raspberry and geranium to counter any overt smokiness.

Ombre Nomade, £250,

9. Byredo

best mens summer fragrances
Mr Porter

So good it doesn’t need a name, Byredo’s yet-to-be-christened mix of gin, pink pepper and oak moss is a strong sign unisex fragrances are the future.

Unnamed, £160,

10. Missoni

best mens summer fragrances

Missoni has never played by the rules. So when the noted Italian maison crafts a fougère woody fragrance of ginger, patchouli and mix, there’s something a little different – and a scent on par with the expertise we’ve come to expect.

Missoni Pour Homme, £45,

11. Givenchy

best mens summer fragrances

Givenchy’s Gentleman is for the modern man, as opposed to one stuck to the rules of old. Instead of excessive musk, you’ve light citrus notes, and something that’ll upgrade your bathroom cabinet for 2019 and beyond.

Gentleman Cologne, £58.65,


Sources from: Esquire

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