CWMALLS World’s Fashion Trends Sharing And Review Series — The Best New Women’s Perfumes for Fall 2019

A change in season can mean several things. As soon as the first leaves of fall turn horizons a fiery orange, a different mood sets in. This time of the year not only signals cooler months, it also reminds us to embrace transition, growth and change. And that can include a fall fragrance.

For autumn, there are certain scents that go best with the type of mood you are in. More intense fragrances are usually preferred, particularly as evening comes sooner, although there is always option to go the opposite route with something light. Fragrances usually fade faster in cooler temperature due to drying of skin. Thus, the need for something that stays on longer. Base notes, more than ever, are what you should be keen about when choosing a fall fragrance. Because these are the notes that will linger on skin, you will want your base to convey warmth and comfort as would patchouli, vanilla or musk would. As a general rule, fall perfume profiles should be spicy, woody and heady. With styles constantly being redefined, it’s also good to keep an open mind for more unexpected olfactory options.

Here are the best new perfumes for fall 2019:

Composition No. 6 Parfum by Joya

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The exquisite black porcelain bottle of Composition No. 6 from Joya is a boudoir centerpiece. The magic contained inside is just as delightful. It opens with delicious notes of Fujian cypress, juniper berries and Yuzu. This then reveals a distinct impression of lotus blossoms. At the base is a complex mix of green meadow grass, cedarwood, saffron and amber that is both spicy as it is heady.






OUD Extrait de Parfum by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

This rich and sensual fragrance from Maison Francis Kurkdijan celebrates that sensuality, magic and enigma of the east. Oud Extrait de Parfum is an olfactory expression of an Oriental dream or delightful deja vu. It highlights precious and rare essences like saffron, elemi from the Philippines, cedarwood from Morocco, vanilla, oud from Laos and patchouli from Indonesia. The result is a symphony of spicy aromas.

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F**king Fabulous Eau de Parfum by Tom Ford

The explicit and daring label on Tom Ford’s elegant black bottle is only prelude to the adventure and attitude that this fragrance brings. This blend combines spice, warmth and just the right dose of sweetness. F-ing Fabulous opens the senses with a bright whiff of clary sage and lavender. It then sweeps you off to a more dramatic headspace with notes of bitter almond and vanilla and iris flower. This sensual narrative closes and lingers with accords of tonka, lavish leather and layers of blonde wood for a luxuriant finish.

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Spiritueuse Double Vanille Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

A gem from Guerlain’s Exclusive Collections, Spirituese Double Vanille is a sweet indulgence that highlights the purity and rawness of the sweet vanilla bean. It reveals other facets of vanilla via contrasting essences from top notes like bergamot, pink pepper and incense. At the heart, an ode to femininity and grace expressed through ylang-ylang, Bulgarian rose and jasmine. At the base, of course, lies that distinctive vanilla essence that lingers on skin.

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Rose and White Musk Absolu by Jo Malone

The new Absolu series from Jo Malone takes the senses straight to the heart of a fragrance. Its Rose and White variant is a tribute to “an English Rose in the middle of an Arabian desert.” This fragrance embraces the unexpected, mysterious and daring by enveloping the senses with intense heart notes of Rose Damascena. Musk, amber and oud at the base add a layer of sensuality and allure.

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Petite Cherie Eau de Parfum Embroidered Edition by Annick Goutal

A favorite of many a fragrance aficionado, Petite Cherie is a saccharine scent that transports one to enchanted gardens and picturesque hillsides. Initially intended homage for the young, Petite Cherie has transcended time to become that sweet, surprising and sentimental fragrance to wear especially on a gloomy day. Notes of pear and peach are drenched in rose musk and vanilla for a timeless fragrance that is both sweet yet seductive. This limited edition variant comes with a luxurious pouch hand-embroidered with floral details.

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Essences Insensees Eau de Parfum by Diptyque

A tiare flower that blooms from Tahiti was the point of inspiration for this new edition of Essences Insensees from Diptyque. It opens with a spicy infusion of pink pepper to awaken senses. At the heart, a coupling of tiare and frangipani leads to a delicious and delectable base of vanilla and spices.

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Floralie by CREED

Modern indulgence and femininity come together in this limited edition bottle of Floralie by Creed. A whiff of this exquisite floral fragrance recalls the excitement and pleasures of walking into a brightly lit salon filled with fresh blooms. Floralie was created with the mindset of a master painting a piece de resistance. The sensorial journey begins with a layer of Bulgarian rose, lilac and marigolds. It then reveals a harmonious heart of amber, lily of the valet and Cedarwood. Adding sensuality, complexity and depth are heady base notes of amber and musk.

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