CWMALLS World’s Fashion Trends Sharing And Review Series— GUCCI / 2020 GIFT GIVING CAMPAIGN

This holiday season, the new Gucci Gift Giving campaign, conceived by Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele, presents an all-too-familiar holiday office party. The date has been in the calendar for months, the excitement fills the space between the desks, photocopiers and metal filing cabinets. The workers impatiently wait for the end of the shift, aimlessly tapping on their keyboards, and watching the clock tick. The tinsel, streamers and balloons are ready. The clock strikes five, the ‘80s pop music starts, the corporate order is shattered. The Gucci-clad workers show off their dance moves on the carpeted dancefloor, transforming the monotonous surroundings into an exciting fantasy world.

The Gucci Gift Giving Collection offers therefore the key to access this enchanted party, bringing comfort and sparkle in the corporate land.

GU694_GIFT GIVING 20_PR CROPS_150dpi_014FLAUNT.jpg


GU694_GIFT GIVING 20_PR CROPS_150dpi_034FLAUNT.jpg

GU694_GIFT GIVING 20_PR CROPS_150dpi_020FLAUNT.jpg

GU694_GIFT GIVING 20_PR CROPS_150dpi_012FLAUNT.jpg

GU694_GIFT GIVING 20_PR CROPS_150dpi_011FLAUNT.jpg

GU694_GIFT GIVING 20_PR CROPS_150dpi_019FLAUNT.jpg

GU694_GIFT GIVING 20_PR CROPS_150dpi_075FLAUNT.jpg

GU694_GIFT GIVING 20_PR CROPS_150dpi_074FLAUNT.jpg

Along with the collection, bringing the party to multiple platforms, a new Gucci Arcade game will be released in the Gucci App. Players will take control of an employee inside an office setting, with the aim of joining up with colleagues to take part in a Conga dance. Users will be able to immerse themselves in the Gucci holiday season with a 3D experience that recreates the campaign environment.


Creative Director: Alessandro Michele

Art Director: Christopher Simmonds

Photographer: Mark Peckmezian

Film Director: Akinola Davies Jr



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