CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2020 Global Customization, Global Wholesale Series — “New Species Anti-season Sales”

Warmly celebrate CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2020 Global Customization, Global Wholesale Series — “New Species Anti-season Sales” officially starts both online and offline synchronously around the world; under the joint supervision of CWMALLS Global Networked Big Data Sharing Lab, CWMALLS Global Clouding Model Patent Review Committee, CWMALLS Global Clouding Scene New Species Workshop and MADE IN CWMALLS, CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY bring patented products, networked products, technological innovative products, universal space products and featured services to everyone; same quality, same service, and different experiences are all in our original patented new products (2 in 1 Multifunctional Shearling Coat series, Fur Coat series, Leather Jacket series, Leather Down Coat series, etc.); welcome old and new clients, customers to pay active attention to this great event!

Anti-season sales is a comprehensive assessment for yourself, it can reveal the overall operation capability, innovation capability and management capability of an enterprise, it is extremely challenging; as a sharing, shopping, living online service platform, anti-season sales brings great challenge and unexpected effect to CWMALLS COMMODITY, we are just launching an “anti-season action” according to our real situation! Anti-season sales is a promotion mode that enterprise makes for the market according to its own product character; its main forms and purposes are as follows:

1. Brand property preserves or increases the value: hot season makes sales, slack season makes brand, this is a strategy; brand property is made up of brand awareness, brand perception, brand loyalty, brand association, and other exclusive property; during the slack season, the spreading efforts of most enterprises weaken, compared with hot season, the product sales decline, at this time, you should have deeper perceptual digging according to your own products’ characteristics so as to get your expected results!

2. Channel property optimizes and increases the value: channel is enterprise’s resource, and also enterprise’s invisible property. In slack season, the key point of channel property management is adjusting negative effects, strengthening good property, and increasing more channel property construction. At first, stress two concepts: the first is image benefit, it means setting up brand and product image to make the image have more exhibition and get improvement, this is an invisible benefit; the second is sales benefit, product anti-season selling can also produce profits, this is an visible benefit that can be seen. For the value of channel, it generally reflects as image benefit and sales benefit!

3. To sum up the above two points, the meaning of anti-season sales lies at ceaselessly having stereo exposure and interaction with customers or potential customers by all kind of means, so as to increase the overall influence of brand and product, and then increase the conversion rate! It is a self-regulation and testing, and a reveal of meaning and value of the concept and behavior of anti-season sales; as time goes by, we will gradually find a way that fits our own sales mode!

4. Customer resource detention and hedging: some customers are unable to be long-term retained, but the value of an enterprise mainly lies in its loyal customers and its own continuous innovation; how to keep this part of customers and make continuous innovation in the slack season are the key; there are two marketing mode in slack season: one is to strengthen the whole brand and image advertisement presentation, so that to increase the target customers’ memory, recall and brand recognition; another is to deepen professional advertisement, by professional advertisement to strength the consumption guidance, especially the function guidance to buyers, turn ordinary “hard advertisements” mode to permeable and guiding advertisement promotion, in fact it is also a stereo marketing;

5. Product resource development and reservation: if brand is the tool of business war, channel is the battlefield, and then product will be the ammunition of business war; promoting new products during the slack season, usually it can increase exposure rate without too much advertisement cost, but there is no relevant conversion rate, how to increase the conversion rate? At first, launching relevant products in good time, the product has enough innovative highlights in design, workmanship, and quality; secondly, the “feature” of product is the main elements that leads customers to purchase directly, this is a very important point, just how to make the product have more correlation with customers, only in this way can we have a good performance in slack season marketing;

6. Overall resource integration and exploitation: the purpose of overall resource integration and exploitation is a comprehensive behavior in order to keep a foothold in slack season and prepare for the hot season, and to improve our own product development capability, operation capability, promotion capability and service capability; during the slack season that has seasonal product, the integration and exploitation of overall resource are very important, usually, slack season sales means price and promotion war; but product feature decides the sales mode in slack season, it may be humanist interaction, humanist experience, humanist presentation, so that to strengthen the development of overall resource and reach the expected sales purpose;

As time goes by, the standardized and systematic management and operation mode of CWMALLS COMMODITY gradually reveals its advantages in all aspects; for example, global off-site delivery service, global 48 to 96-hour delivery service, no-reason return or exchange and other services also bring all customers a value-added feeling of quality, service and sharing during our anti-season online shopping activity! As an ecological chain taking people and thing as one, CWMALLS® has the functions and characteristics of digenic brand, it will bring you extraordinary experience; whether for the interaction effect like quantum entanglement, or the change like gene mutation, CWMALLS people can use “Reality Distortion Field” to deal with all difficulties and challenges! CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY always struggle and act for insisting on providing all the customers continuous original, patented, technological, innovative featured products, and sticking to the principle of pure natural, original ecological, green, environmental materials to make more innovation, sharing and happiness be our everyday melody! Meanwhile, we carry out person-to-person, circled promotion via social marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) to let more people learn about CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY (, this is the meaning of “Twenty-six to the N” project (abbreviated “26N” project), also the “Skyline” project and “Raindrops” plan.

Tips: Due to the influence of Coronavirus, the 2020 Northern Hemisphere will be very cold, so please pay attention to the CWMALLS patented products series in order to prepare for prevention; consumers, distributors, live broadcasters, opinion leaders and other partners in Europe region, North America region, Asia Pacific region, please pay attention to CWMALLS NEWS! According to the prediction of CWMALLS Weather, 2020 winter of Northern Hemisphere (especially in North American region and European region) will be much colder than previous years, the situation in the movie The Day After Tomorrow might happen, hope everyone (especially the middle-aged and elderly people with diseases like cardiovascular disease, arthritis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, etc., and friends who live in cold areas, high altitude areas and extremely cold areas) to prepare for keeping out the cold! Meanwhile, CWMALLS® Patented Product Series is provided with Custom Made, Personal Tailor services, and appreciated and interacted synchronously via Google, Bing, LinkedIn, VK and other sharing platforms! Scientific and reasonable prevention makes life become easier and more wonderful!

Note: WMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY Cloud Online Shopping, Cloud Sharing 2020 Global Anniversary (5.8) is about to start, please pay attention to it! meanwhile, welcome to pay attention and take an active part in “CWMALLS Anti-season Sales” activity, our patented products of CWMALLS® Custom Jackets, CWMALLS® Sheepskin Jacket, CWMALLS® Fur Coat series are also provided with “Custom Made”, “Personal Tailor” services, during this period, you can contact us at any time if there are any questions, we will give you a satisfying reply at the earliest time! CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY, MWE FUND will be more wonderful with your support and help! In 2020 we insist on innovation, in 2020 we fully implement, in 2020 we rise abruptly based on our strength! (In 2020, we will see you in Nasdaq.)

“Cutting-edge School” “Innovative School” “Powerful School” — SVE NEWS, CWMALLS, MWE FUND
“New Species Anti-season Sales” — cloud experience of patented product and custom made service

CWMALLS JADE SEAL: CWMALLS people always maintain the absolute loyalty to dreams and missions, and always keep the absolute execution of targets and plans! Ruled by the grace of God, there must be great achievements — CWMALLS People

CWMALLS: CWMALLS builds the community with shared future for mankind.




May 6, 2020

2020 CWMALLS: Standard, Sharing,Ecology, Value;
2020 CWMALLS COMMODITY: Patent, Technology, Art, Intelligence;
2020 CWMALLS NEW SPECIES: Keen, Aggressive, Personality, Value;
2020 MWE FUND: Charity, Public Welfare, Responsibility;

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