CWMALLS World’s Fashion Trends Sharing And Review Series — The Best-Dressed Men At Cannes Film Festival 2019 (So Far)

Every year, Cannes Film Festival presents the same age-old style dilemma: what do you wear when you’ve got a film premiere in the morning and a champagne-fuelled superyacht party at noon?

It’s a tough one. The world’s eyes are fixed on the red carpets of the French Riviera, after all, and actors can dine out on the perfect outfit choice for years (remember Ryan Gosling’s blue pyjama top? Of course you remember Ryan Gosling’s blue pyjama top.) With that in mind, here are the best Cannes Film Festival 2019 looks so far…

Javier Bardem Most actors spent the first few hours of Cannes wrapped up in the comfy, crumb-covered, 42,000-feet-in-the-air-wear they travelled in. Not our Javier, who jumped straight into this navy, geometrically-patterned Ermenegildo Zegna tuxedo. Socks off for cinéma, lads.

Richard Madden The Rocketman star kept things typically understated with a single-button double-breasted suit – a style that Nicholas Hoult has been a big pink proponent of recently. The smattering of bright florals underneath was Madden’s only concession to…

Taron Egerton … the Elton John-inspired dress code his co-star went all in on. Egerton arrived at the film’s photocall in an explosion of paisley and palm trees. Not the kind of thing you usually see at Cannes, but when you’re competing with the Rocket Man himself all rules go out the window.

Taron Egerton (again) For the premiere later on, Egerton hopped into a silver Tom Ford velvet tuxedo and took to the stage to perform with Elton John. The actor reportedly welled up as he received a standing ovation after the screening, but no need to worry: those tears will brush right out.

Luka Sabbat How cool is model/actor/influencer/probable DJ Luka Sabbat? Get this: he doesn’t even have his own Wikipedia page! Granted, you probably don’t either, but he chooses not to! The Gen Z ‘It’ boy is starring in zombie comedy The Dead Don’t Die, and turned up to the film’s launch party in some very nice oversized double-breasted tailoring.

Alejandro González Iñárritu Sure, it’s the kind of louche outfit you can only really get away with if you’re a carved-in-wood-handsome, critically-adored auteur who’s just been appointed president of the Cannes judging panel. But Alejandro is all of those things, so he gets a thumb of approval from us (all the way down to those wide-strapped sandals).

Alejandro González (again) The Mexican filmmaker smartened up for the Cannes Gala later on, wearing a classic navy tuxedo.

Keiynan Lonsdale Australian actor Keiynan Lonsdale brought his muted suit to life with a bursts of multi-coloured neon flora underneath. Kudos for the chunky-soled monk strap shoes and summer-ready cuban collar, too.

Bill Murray Talking of cuban collars: Bill Murray wore a cuban collar! It’s one of the rare instances where a big menswear trend intersects with roomy bowling uniforms, and the SNL legend is reaping the benefits. Wearing a white t-shirt underneath is a good look for anyone who doesn’t want to show off too much chest this summer.


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