CWMALLS World’s Fashion Trends Sharing And Review Series — Viva Versace! Celebs Slay in the Iconic Italian Brand’s Bold Embellished Gowns

Donatella Versace tells Us her iconic Italian label is “daring, unapologetic and unmistakable.” And it’s easy to see why: Her meticulously hand-crafted designs are adorned in crystals, metal mesh, sequins and feathers — and loved by Hollywood A-listers.

Versace and the celebrity world has always had a privileged relationship,” Donatella says. “Partly it is because Gianni then, and now myself, have never imposed anything on anyone. It’s always been about understanding the needs and the personality of the person we were creating a specific look for, and also the message they want to convey. There is mutual respect, and they know we will do our utmost to make them feel amazing.”

When it comes to red carpet looks, Donatella says, “I have had some pretty spectacular moments thanks to all the incredible men and women who have decided to believe in me and in Versace.” But if she had to pick just one, she admits her most memorable is Jennifer Lopez’s silk chiffon jungle-print gown at the 2000 Grammy Awards. “It not only broke the internet — twice! — but it also prompted the creation of Google Images,” the designer reveals. “I’m very proud of that, because now we live in an über-technological world, but back then the fact that a fashion moment had the power to innovate was quite extraordinary!”

Scroll through to see how LizzoJessica AlbaRegina King and more wear their glamorous Versace gowns.




Sources from: Us Weekly

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